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At The NBN Group, we do nothing but NAV. We believe it’s the strongest ERP solution on the market and are focused on helping our clients get the best results possible. Choosing the right software is a good place to start, but having the right team help you through the process is just as important to your success. The NBN Group offers you a service-minded, experienced team of innovative, creative thinkers who have a history of success with NAV implementations, product design, upgrades and vertical solutions. We will work side-by-side with you to turn your technology investment into the competitive advantage it should be.Read More >

Would you rather live in a cookie cutter development or in a custom home? The former serves the developer's interests whereas the latter serves the owner's.

Those who implement uncustomizable software become "change agents," good at manipulating a business to fit the software, whereas those who implement customizable software become agile business thinkers who have models and tools to help you solve your nagging problems.

We are not software implementers who teach you the best way to configure and use our software. Because NAV is customizable, we are most successful when we listen and understand first. We are not here to shoe-horn you into our solution. We are here to provide you with a top quality ERP product that specifically solves your business challenges and leverages your business advantages in order to let you exceed your customers', owners' and partners' expectations.

With Dynamics you get the safety and stability of Microsoft, with NAV you get the most successful mid-market product on the planet and with The NBN Group you get a team that knows how to really make this product one of your most resourceful and enduring business advantages.

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Business Diagnostics

The diagnostic is the starting place for any ERP project—where real requirements and discovery first takes place. While most other software vendors ask you to purchase the software based on a few fancy scripted demos and hard sales tactics by their sales team before they conduct this diagnostic, we ask that you let us PROVE our solutions will work as you need them to within a budget that makes ROI sense before we ever try to "close the deal". This approach limits your exposure to risk and lets us openly and honestly explore your toughest challenges.

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ERP Sales and Support

ERP sales is where the big bucks are in this business. Though the rest of the channel is turning its focus and resources more on the churn and burn sales and implementation strategy, we at NBN we have decided to stay true to the NAV sweet-spot by focusing our business on serving and continuously supporting hard-to-service industries with spot-on customized solutions. Our success is measured by our clients’ results, not by our sales figures.

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Customized Software Tailoring

If your business is a "me too" business, you will be well served by inflexible but reasonably configurable business software—of which you can take your pick. But, if you find yourself trying to integrate a number of "best of breed" packages along with ancillary custom spreadsheets and Access databases, NAV is one of the only products out there that can reasonably be expected to replace them all with a single, integrated program running just one database. Imagine all of your business information in one place, without redundant tables—totally secure.

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Hands-on Training & Implementation

Unlike sales, this area is hard to scale and everyone knows it. While there are more and more tools we use to help ramp up our clients into their new systems, nothing can substitute for our "one contact" methodology that keeps your initial diagnostic and sales team in the implementation project through go-live. We do not swap out project managers, lead implementors or trainers unless requested. This practice helps us maintain your project momentum and continuity and reduces your total project risk.

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Business Intelligence

Before taking any well-directed action there needs to be clear knowledge. While it has always been relatively easy to discover which areas of your business are succeeding and which are struggling, with today's business intelligence tools it is much easier to discover exactly why. Daily executive dashboards keep everyone in tune and on the same page by exposing and distributing operational scorecards to key players via web, tablet or phone.

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System Upgrades

With any customized software, most people (and all of our competitors) will tell you it will be very expensive (if not impossible) to keep your system current with the latest released and supported version. However, the original developers of NAV started the product with this in mind—building NAV upon a multilevel architecture that enforces object isolation and clearly separates Microsoft base objects from objects that have been integrated through add-ons and end user customizations. This allows a heavily modified system to be upgraded to the latest and greatest version of NAV for a very reasonable and easily justifiable investment.

Partner Community

At The NBN Group, we focus on what we do best: deploying a sound NAV solution. Our partner community consists of other specialists doing the same thing: providing solutions in the areas they know best. With the multi-tiered architecture of NAV, most add-on products are written in NAV language and seamlessly merge into the program. This leverages existing data, maintains data integrity and provides for a seamless user interface. You will not know where the base product ends and the add-on begins—it's that seamless!


  • hcm

    Serenic Software

    Serenic Human Capital Management is a suite of products including Serenic HCM Payroll and Human Resources. Serenic is a certified Microsoft Gold ERP partner. Serenic was built on NAV and is fully integrated with NAV.

  • Lanham color logo transparent

    Lanham Associates

    Lanham Associates provides Supply Chain solutions and services, built directly inside Microsoft Dynamics NAV, for midmarket distributors looking to streamline operations, increase productivity, cut costs and improve the bottom line. Lanham is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics ISV (Independent Software Vendor), and also holds the distinguished "CfMD” (Certified for Microsoft Dynamics) product certification on all of its Supply Chain solutions.

  • JetReports-01

    Jet Reports

    Over 100,000 users in 94 countries use Jet Reports solutions to get reporting and intelligence from their Dynamics system, with packages tailored to their business needs and budget.

  • armadadynamics

    Armada EQM

    Armada Dynamics is a company that designs, develops and delivers rental business solutions based on the industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform. Our more than 12 years of experience with the rental industry have allowed us to create a best-of-breed rental software solution. The EQM rental software is available in seven languages.

  • charge-logic


    ChargeLogic's approach to easy, secure, and reliable electronic payment processing helps you stay focused on your business. Built on an encrypted web services platform and completely integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision), users can easily enter data for authorization. Charges are automatically settled when sales orders are shipped or when a retail sale is completed. There are offerings for cloud-based services and fully integrated shipping processes.

  • ForNAV logo 2f 250


    The Reports ForNAV Converter makes classic to RDLC fast and easy. The ForNAV converter enables reports developed for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 and NAV 2009 (also known as “classic” or C/SIDE reports) to run on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 – as well as newer versions that require the RDLC format.

  • WKTagline-Logo CMYK-PP-ol

    Wolters Kluwer

    Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting US is a leading provider of tax and accounting software & research, audit information, corporate tax calculation tools and services. Their sales tax capabilities cover evaluation services, rate calculations, returns and compliance, rates and taxability databases, and implementation solutions which easily integrate with the most widely used business ERP systems, including MS Dynamics NAV. Their leading corporate tax products include: CCH® Sales Tax Office, CCH® Sales Tax CORE, Tax Interchange for Retail, and CCH® SureTax® for telecommunication transactions.


Vertical Market


  1. A market that meets the needs of a particular industry
  2. A market that serves a group of customers with specialized needs
Vertical Market Solutions


  1. Software specialists who are experienced in a vertical niche and can provide complete solutions focused on the challenges affecting that specific market
  2. The NBN Group


  • Healthcare

    The healthcare industry has many challenges beyond normal finance and accounting needs. Billing third parties requires providing them with the credentials and license data. Using NAV and Serenic Human Capital Management, the NAV database can be a single repository for all necessary provider data such as NPI numbers, Taxonomy Codes, Medical License Types and Numbers, Medicare and Medicaid Provider numbers. An unlimited number of user-defined employee attributes can be defined and tracked with effective date history. This data is then readily available for an interface with external billing or clinical records systems. Of course, NAV provides full-featured accounting for financial reporting as well.

  • Parking Facilities Management

    No matter what key performance indicators that you need to track, NAV will handle it for you. Your parking locations may include garages, surface lots, valet services and entertainment venues along with a mix of owned and managed facilities. NAV can track operations based on any number of criteria including location (city and/or state), owned vs. managed, facility type, operations manager or any other item of your choosing. If your sites have their own standalone systems for revenue collection and tracking, NAV can import data from those systems. Adding Serenic Human Capital Management into the mix allows you track HR and payroll data and offers a variety of features for in-house payroll processing allowing you to assign employee expenses directly to your locations.

  • Freight Forwarding & Port Services

    In the freight forwarding niche, there is no software package available that can offer you all that NAV offers: automated emails, tracking of shipments with multiple pieces per TCN, EDI billing and information exchange with the government-approved agents (including EasyDPS and Daycos), step-by-step diaries to ensure proper workflow, claims handling and many other industry-specific solutions. If you are tracking the shipments from origin agent to destination agent or handling a smaller part of the move such as port warehousing, NAV can offer you a complete solution to ensure timely shipment deliveries, resulting in higher customer survey marks.

  • OCTG and Pipe Distribution

    In the world of Oil Country and Line Pipe many distributors need to know not just how many linear feet of each profile they have in stock but they also need to know how many random length pieces or joints they are shipping, receiving and inventorying as well. With NAV we can track any number of multiple units of measure whether they are correlated or not. When Heat and MTR tracking and linking is a requirement NAV’s document management system helps automate the internal receipts of materials along with specific heat to MTR links that flow out to the shipment documents facilitating automatic MTR retrieval and printing as well as customer MTR inquiry and reprinting. With freight and handling charges making up a significant component of product costs it is critical that all quotes and profitability analysis factor in these landed costs. With NAV’s sophisticated costing engine not only can realized actual landed costs chase the inventory right through to COGS (and order profitability statistics) long after the sale is booked but expected landed costs can be factored in at the time of quote giving salespeople confidence to be competitive and profitable.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Effective rental software has to offer much more than just recurring invoicing. With NAV as your underlying business management platform, you will be able to rent your fixed assets AND depreciate them in the same software system. Look at your rental business in colorful, meaningful charts. Determine profitability or implement price increases on an asset by asset basis, by product line or by salesperson. Your rental equipment is completely integrated with purchases, fixed asset, inventory tracking and the service module. NAV can address regional pricing, multiple warehouses / holding lots, early or late returns, in advance or in arrears billing and many other issues that affect all rental industries. However, since no two businesses operate exactly the same, NAV offers you a highly-pliable database structure that can be modified to accommodate your specific needs. And underneath all the rental-specific features, you will be running on the strongest financial ERP platform available.

What Our Clients Say

Over the years, we have been privileged to partner with many companies solving unique problems through the implementation and use of NAV. Here's what a few of them have to say.

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Jackie Dennis

President, Accelerated International Forwarders
September 17, 2015

Over the last 10 years, the partnership we have had with members of The NBN Group and Navision has allowed us to compete with the larger companies in our industry due to the capabilities and automation we now have. The ability to create automation thru Navision has allowed us to keep staff to a minimum while allowing our current staff to focus on customer service. I can tell you with certainty that without Navision, we as a company would not be where we are today.

Dan Dawson

CFO, Aurora Mental Health Center
October 20, 2015

Over the last nearly 20 years, we have received generous and competent support from members of The NBN Group to leverage Navision's impressive capabilities—enabling us to finish many large conversion projects in far less time than expected. Navision enables us to produce reliable financial statements, as well as a myriad of other reports and successful data interchanges with other systems. The sophisticated reporting capabilities possible with Navision are a tremendous help for QA monitoring, managing accountability and keeping management and executive staff informed in a timely manner with key data required for good decisions. Navision's reliability, data integrity, and flexibility for configuration and customization are some of its strongest assets, and is highly trusted by staff at all levels of our company—now a $50 Million dollar business with over 800 employees.

Len Gross

CEO, Kelly Pipe Company
December 14, 2015

The NBN Group did a fine job for Kelly Pipe converting our operations to NAV software. Previously we had installed another system which failed to meet our needs. Therefore, this time around we insisted on proof in advance of key systems, which we received. Our touchstone was customization of standard NAV functions to satisfy our requirements. The NBN Group performed those upgrades on time and within budget, leading to a satisfactory conversion for over 225 users in the US and overseas. Since then, we have continued growing with NAV using The NBN Group's services wherever needed.

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